BeeCMS is a template based on pre-2010 has revamped the template handling early 2010. Since then, the newly introduced Template Designer has a lot of features which allow blog owners to easily and radically alter the design of their website.

DO NOT USE THE BEECMS TEMPLATE if you do want to use the great features Template Designer!!!
  1. Content Management using Bloggercom and the BeeCMS template

    BeeCMS is a template for, the free blog hosting service of Google. Blogger has become a powerful and versatile tool with very few restrictions. If you want free hosting, a possibility to maintain the site as a team and to enjoy the possibility of AJAX & Co Blogger is there for you.

    BeeCMS is brought to you by BloggerCMS which is dedicated to blogger tools and template to use Blogger like a classic CMS for your website. Visually a little less like a blog, but with all the powerful tools and envirnment of Blogger  :-)